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Neu-Servo Develops ABB Robot Repair Facilityent of failure.
July 04, 2019

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Neu-Servo has developed a full ABB Robotic repair facility to support manufacturing facilities in the event of failure.

The facility has a fully functional IRC5 Controlled test robot that enables the team to functionally test and repair:

– Full ABB servo motor repairs
– Servo amplifier repairs
– Axis & main computer repairs

All repairs are placed onto the robot cell for a significant ‘soak test’ under a custom designed robot protocol to ensure our repairs.

Neu-Servo is also adding this facility to our 24/7 repair service to ensure we can respond quickly.

With more robots hoping to be added this is an exciting development for Neu-Servo and our customers.

All repairs are issued with a 12 month warranty and provide huge savings for anyone using the service.

For more information please refer to our ABB Robotic Repairs service page.