High Speed Spindle Repair

High Speed Spindle Repair

High Speed Spindle Repair

High power electro spindles have many machine tool applications including Milling, Drilling, Engraving and Routing.

They are part of the main cutting tool found in CNC machines commonly found in the vertical/horizontal axis due to their application.

Generally, they are a complex assembly comprising of many high dependency parts i.e. bearings, sensors and encoders.

Due to this they can be renowned for being a time-consuming repair.

At Neu-Servo we have ensured both a reliable supplier base that allows us to acquire spare parts in a steadfast manner as well as a dismantle/assembly protocol; that not only allows for a quality repair but is also efficient on time.

This ensures that our customers receive quality spindle repairs promptly maintaining a reduction in our customer downtime.

Neu-Servo repairs every type of high frequency spindle motor responsively.

Initially every unit is ‘run tested’ in order to see how the motor is functioning in terms of output, control and efficiency. All of which are measured and reported.

Following this the unit is completely dismantled so that all electrical faults and mechanical wear are reported and repaired.

Once we have the order to proceed the unit is completely refurbished according to the OEM standard.

Once assembled Neu-Servo tests the unit under load and in the same way as if it was onsite in order to guarantee the repair.

The unit leaves Neu-Servo functioning as new with 12 months warranty.

Additionally Neu Servo provide a complete high frequency spindle drive repair service.