Servo Motor Repair

Servo Motor Repair

Neu-Servo is the only UK approved servo motor repair partner by Siemens A & D.

Providing 24 hour service options for repair and service of all AC/DC servo motors, Neu-Servo has enabled many of it's customers reduce downtime by as much as 50% through its unique, responsive and customer focused services.

Neu-Servo's expert technicians possess over 40 years of repair and maintenance expertise, through training from the world’s leading servo motor manufacturers.

Neu-Servo is able to repair any model of servo motor back to the manufacturer standard with the fastest possible turnaround.

As part of our service our engineers comprehensively evaluate all motors that we receive in excess of two hours at no cost to our customers.

Most motors we evaluate and quote are passed and approved for repair. When a repair cost exceeds the price of a new motor we will try and offer a replacement unit.

All this done at a competitive price and rapid turnaround.

Our Unique Testing Systems

Every single unit that we receive is fully tested using our unique testing systems.

We test serial output and electronic nameplate data on every unit where possible. From this are able to create an electrical footprint which enables us to copy the alignment of every encoder or resolver that we examine on assembly.

Fault Finding and Repairing

Following our ‘run tests’ we then fully dismantle every unit and give a precise report of the faults we find. We then issue a timeline of repair and detailed quote.

Once we have been given the order to proceed with the repair every unit is chemically cleaned and assembled with the necessary replacement parts.

Re-sprayed and Fully Tested

All units are then re-sprayed and ‘run tested’ under load to ensure that the unit functions to the customers or manufacturers specification. We then return the unit back to the customer.

All this done responsively to suit the customers requirements with Neu-Servo providing a responsive 24/7 service.