High electrical demands can be placed upon AC and DC motor drives, but properly inspected and maintained they can often be one of the most reliable parts of a machine, however, failures do occur and can be costly to rectify without the right support.

Neu-Servo can offer an efficient and cost effective repair solution for AC variable speed drives & inverters, DC thyristor drives, stepper drives, soft starts, other related equipment and control systems. During the course of our repairs, a detailed overhaul is carried out in which all life-expired components are replaced, potential future issues are identified and remedied and the whole unit is thoroughly cleaned.

Our custom built rigs and test capabilities are constantly evolving and being built upon, with significant investment in hardware and development to ensure the most reliable repairs possible.

We carry a large stock of common parts so that we can effect repairs quickly, ensuring a fast turn around and minimum down time. Close links with a large network of global suppliers also enable us to quickly source and obtain less common and obsolete parts when necessary. When requested we are able to offer reports of failures with equipment we receive for repair, suggest possible causes for the failure and make recommendations on how to prevent recurrence. We will quickly provide you with a quotation for your repair, and do not operate a fixed price repair policy. All repairs are assessed individually and quotations will always reflect the cost of the actual parts needed and labour required. Upon completion we provide a detailed description of the work that has been carried out and what preventative maintenance has been performed.

Our repair capabilities extend further than just drives. We are able to repair almost any electrical or electronic industrial equipment, including (but not limited to) HMI’s, teach pendants and controllers, monitors, touch screens and displays, PLC’s, power supplies and test equipment, industrial PC’s, temperature controllers and many more. Even sub-systems such as PCB’s and control boards from incomplete systems can be tested thoroughly down to component level and partially tested without their associated hardware in most cases.

Quotations are free and all repairs carry a 12 month warranty.